Mandachi Hotel & Spa

In 2016, on the edge of Suceava city, the dodgy part, there was a green field all covered with garbage and waste. In July 2016, I had a vision there: to build a hotel and totally transform the place. I started to dig that land with this dream in my mind: in two years, there will be a unique hotel here! I’ve said to myself.

Although I put in some supernatural efforts, I finished the project a month late. On August 23, 2018, I opened Mandachi Hotel & Spa with my loyal and dedicated team.

To meet the deadline, I climbed the seven levels of the construction hundreds of times, I swallowed dust, and spent days and nights on the construction site. I did it to learn. To learn how to build a dream, to learn how to create the first Romanian hotel franchise.

Therefore, I witnessed absolutely all stages, I’ve learned from architects, from designers, electricians, masons, technicians, from cooks, and guards.

Together with my teams, I worked like a slave. But it paid off. In 2022, after only four years, Hotel Mandachi won the Romanian Top Hotel Awards, and became the best 4-star hotel in the country and the first hotel in the history of Suceava city with this distinction.

Our hotel is ranked 1st on Tripadvisor in Suceava, and based on the number of reviews, it is the best-rated hotel in the country on Booking, with a score of 9.5.

In addition to the challenges, hardships and satisfactions, I felt immensely happy when my hotel became the largest private refugee camp in Romania. In February 2022, Mandachi Hotel & Spa turned into a real hosting center for refugees. More than 5000 Ukrainians with 1000 dogs and cats stayed for free in our hotel. Also, we’ve transported over 20,000 people to the West. They all had a meal and a place to rest.

It wasn’t the first time we did this: in 2020, we offered the hotel free of charge to all front-line medical and military personnel. We’ve offered free meals and services worth more than 350,000 euros.

These two historical moments, the Refugee Crisis and the Lockdown, gave me the greatest satisfactions, educated and motivated me to have new goals in life: helping others.