I realized (in time) that education is healing. It can bring peace, meaning, balance, but most importantly, prosperity. That’s why I moved all my businesses, all my energy, and all my work into the online education industry. I feel wonderful sharing the knowledge I’ve accumulated with ambitious „disciples” and designing projects and strategies to facilitate education for all those stubborn enough to evolve. Currently, education is the only field where I invest money, time, resources, but most importantly, a lot of passion.

Education is the soul of society, and self-education is the only type of education that matters and can generate lifelong impact. When you no longer need to be pushed towards education, you have become a free person. Because when it becomes increasingly clear to you that only through self-education can you have independence, security, and freedom, you will never stop this process. Only when you value the process of self-refinement, will you become determined to do well. By educating yourself, you demonstrate self-respect. Only then do you progress and evolve, then you meet quality people and reveal yourself, the quality person. And implicitly, you will build a country of quality. How beautiful, fulfilling, and melodious it sounds: a country of quality!

Nelson Mandela said that „education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” Truly, education is the most honest mechanism through which you can change yourself. And only then can you (be able to) change humanity. Education protects your liberties, frees you from fears, leads you to prosperity, balances you, and tames you. (Self)education heals you. (Self)education heals us. It inspires us. Tolerance, empathy, solidarity are the results of education. Collaboration, connection, friendship, all are consequences of education.

Heraclitus of Ephesus emphasized charmingly: „education is the second sun we have.” I would dare to complete it: education is the sun of our being, the lucid life within us.

After two years of law and 11 years of business, after accumulating diplomas, master’s degrees, failures, traumas, and wars, after reading hundreds of books, tons of courses and seminars, but especially after swallowing tons of „dust” in the arenas of entrepreneurship, I have only one conclusion: self-education is the sweet fruit of any struggle and the catalyst that pushes you towards the life of your dreams.