Spartan is the largest fast food chain restaurant ever created in Romania. We are the number one Romanian brand on the roasted meat restaurant market.

Spartan is a Greek cuisine restaurant, featuring our personalized recipes with secret ingredients, that make our concept unique in the world. We don’t sell kebabs or shawarmas, instead, we have configured our own menu, we call it the Spartan menu.

We are focusing our attention on keeping our restaurants very clean, on speed, fairness, and friendly customer interaction.

To become the largest chain of Greek cuisine restaurants in Europe we now have 80 restaurants I have put in a lot of work: immeasurable work, impossible to describe in words.

On August 8, 2012, we opened the first restaurant in Suceava city. And we did it from scratch. From equipment to design, our first location used to look completely different.

The investment was minimal: approx. 25,000 euros. We started with second-hand equipment. The team was unprepared, and the menu was very different from the current one. I worked hard, I learned from mistakes, I struggled and sacrificed a lot, I’ve bitten the bullet, but it’s the only way to progress.
For quite a long time, I used to live in restaurants. I’ve built the franchise network from scratch.

I’ve spent a lot of sleepless nights. I supervised all the work on the first restaurant I’ve opened.

I’ve crossed Romania from one end to the other dozens of times: I have travelled more than 1 million km (about 621371.19 mi) on my homeland roads. I’ve designed the logo, I’ve chosen the fonts and colors,

I’ve created the first website, I’ve even answered all the customers’ calls, and I’ve witnessed every restaurant opening in the first five years.

Therefore, I was able to educate myself and learn every single detail of my business. After ten years, we have restaurants all over Romania, and we’ve opened locations in Austria and Spain.

Even though I sacrificed my personal life, Spartan gave me the greatest satisfaction, and made my life path much easier.