Shelters for stray dogs

I grew up among dogs. My family has always protected dogs. I really love dogs, they are the most genuine, sincere, and loving of all beings. When I am among dogs, I feel how love flows in and out of my body, flooding every single cell of my heart. I feel relaxed, loved, and healed by the love I receive from dogs.

As a child, I suffered enormously when my dogs died. Tărzănică, Zorro, Greuceanu, Cruela, Ursoaica were my faithful friends that made my life beautiful.

For years I watched helplessly how the homeless dogs are treated in Romania; they aren’t born by choice, and authorities from all over the country could have managed the sterilization campaigns better, but instead they did it superficially and we can see the results.

I haven’t seen anywhere, not even in Africa, as many homeless dogs as there are in Romania. Hungry,
beaten, chased, persecuted, these guardian angels live a miserable and unbearable life.

My goal is to help these innocent animals. We’ve found owners for hundreds of dogs, and we’ve sterilized for free about 5000 dogs and cats, but without cooperation, the problem will exist indefinitely.

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