Movies have always been a blessing in my life, serving as an inspirational, educational, and even therapeutic role. Growing up, I watched mostly mediocre movies. I discovered Usual Suspects, starring Kevin Spacey, when I was 18 years old, and it sparked my interest in cinematography.

Much later, I became addicted to, which became a real school for me thanks to its charts. I now refuse to watch movies with low ratings. I only select award-winning movies.

As with the dream notebook, I’ve also made movie notebooks, writing down information about directors, actors, screenwriters, and awards. I even rate the movie based on my personal judgement.

Of course, I was totally inexperienced, therefore, my evaluation and ranking were superficial, but with each movie I watched, I felt more passionate. In the following years, I watched all the famous movies, the classics, and the ones awarded at the international film festivals.

In college, I took a Film course in Iasi and a Screenwriting course in Bucharest, then, in 2016, I attended the “New York Film Academy” courses in Hollywood, California. My graduation film was a 10-minute short film called The Little Truth.

In 2020, I made the documentary “30 years and 15 minutes”, which premiered at TIFF.

My latest movie is a documentary about passion, trauma, and my relationship with my father. For almost two years, I worked on this film with a dedicated team (without Roxana Maraloiu and Andrei Pantea’s drive, this film wouldn’t exist).

I am a man with no patience, and the fact that I was able to focus for so long on such a project only confirms that I am irreversibly devoted to my passion.

SEE THE MOVIE “30 years and 15 minutes”

I own a production company, Mandachi Films, where I produce the podcasts for my YouTube channel, Mandachi TV.

Watching movies had an essential impact on my life and helped me evolve, both as a person and an entrepreneur. I’ve always picked up a lot of ideas from movies; you can learn a lot about attitude, image, design, and organization, but also elements of branding, marketing, sales, and management.

I strongly advise anyone who approaches me for business development advice to watch as many movies as they can.

Movies are my great passion, and I hope to live my dream life around the cinema.