I’ve launched the “Romania wants motorways” protest for two reasons:

1. I drove over 400,000 miles on my country’s roads, and I was so close to dying so many times! Over the years, the frustration accumulated, so I felt the need to do something about it. I thought I would be a coward if I didn’t do something to change this situation. When I launched the protest against the Government, I was aware of the consequences, but I did it anyway.

2. The amount of time I spent on my way to Iasi’s Hospital, where my mother was on her deathbed, knowing a motorway could have made this distance shorter, drove me insane and forced me to push my boundaries.

I took a risk, and I’ve generated a national movement. The impact of my protest was beyond any prediction. I couldn’t imagine this would lead to an unprecedented solidarity movement.

The #metoo protest is the most fearless thing I’ve ever done. When I look back, I am overwhelmed by the result, and I start to shiver when I realize the enormous risk I took.

One mile of highway is without doubt the biggest act of courage I have ever done. Being an entrepreneur gives me strength and responsibility.

Even though I had a very good financial situation at the time (45 restaurants, the largest franchise network in Romania, a hotel), I decided to take the risks, which at the time were colossal (BBC named Liviu Dragnea “the most powerful man in Romania”).

The protest was a gesture of rebellion against the entire political class. I am very passionate about and attached to this project, and I cannot imagine my life without it.

Video Manifesto “Romania Wants Highways”