Mandachi TV

My YouTube channel has generated a huge impact online: over 6 million views on my podcasts, interviews, films, and talk shows about business and spirituality.

Mandachi TV is the generic name of my YouTube video channel.

We have over 117,000 followers who appreciate our work, congratulate us, thank us for changing their lives for the better. Absolutely all of our materials are free.

Mandachi Tv means education, inspiration, and action. Through my YouTube channel, Ștefan Mandachi, I want to inspire my online friends to overstep all levels, to grow.

The level you’re at reflects your life, and your financial education reflects your company’s success. So, move forward, level up!

My deepest desire is to push my followers out of their comfort zones and push them to success by giving them the tool of education. My YouTube channel is a very useful video library. A lot of followers texted me after seeing my videos on the channel and told me: “This information changed me as a person.”

I am very happy to help all the people who crave education, especially because I know how much we need mentors and personal examples. I spend a lot of time on set, I also spend a lot of money to have the best quality in the industry.

All this effort means passion. I couldn’t do anything without this vibrant and power-generating engine: passion.