The Hercule franchise is a project to which I am very attached. I’ve been working for several years on the concept, and it’s starting to show rewards. Hercules is the younger brother of Spartan, but with huge potential. The concept is as smart as Spartan is, but cheaper and more adaptable to small locations. It is a profitable project, and we are developing it as a franchise.

One of my business partners, Alex Arcalianu, opened the first franchised restaurant, and I owe him the brand expansion. We currently have two profitable restaurants, and we’ll begin an extensive franchise development process starting from 2023.

I feel attached to all the brands I’ve created. I was part of each step of Hercules ’development, and I’ve assisted and led the concept’s creation from its very first stages. This is how I deal with each new baby that enters our galaxy of brands.

Building a restaurant is easy, but creating a brand is terribly complex, it requires learning, sacrifice, and patience. I own 20 brands I’ve created from scratch. I drew the logos of each brand, wrote the stories, and became obsessively involved in making them successful.

I don’t do micromanagement when it comes to creation and branding. That’s why all my brands have a bit of my personality.