Fountains in Africa

There are feelings in life you cannot understand. You must experience them intensely, so they can immerse forever in your soul, in every molecule of your mind and body. In 2021, somewhere in Iganga, a village from Uganda, I’ve experienced one of the most emotional moments of my life.

I remember perfectly how I got to the village, where a few years earlier I had started to build a fountain.

Even though it was January, the heat was melting me. I was extremely tired after a never-ending flight, then crammed into a van, all sweaty and bitten by mosquitoes.

As we got closer to the fountain, my heart started pounding. An unexplainable emotion paralyzed my whole body when I saw a little girl carrying water in a canister larger than she was.

I looked at my colleague, Mihai, who calmly whispered to me: “That’s your fountain!” I was mesmerized by the girl. After a few moments, I whispered to myself:

“I haven’t lived in vain!”

After this episode, I started a very big campaign, motivating people to help dig fountains for poor communities in Africa. A fountain in Africa supplies the needs of 700 families (3500 people).

As a consequence of my campaign, in October 2022, I managed to dig 160 fountains. I say I, even though I personally didn’t do it, the people who donated did, but somehow, I feel like a part of me stayed with this project.

If I were to calculate how many people use this water for drinking and washing without walking 10 miles, I can honestly say this project had the biggest impact of all my actions.

When I think about it, it all started with a dream written down in my Dream Book: to build a fountain in Africa. When you truly believe in your dreams, life rewards you, no doubt about it!