Dreams Notebook

The oldest dream I remember was to have a bicycle. I wanted so much for my dream to come true that I climbed three times, on my knees, the Church of Desires, from Hagigadar, as the legend required. Even if my knees were bleeding, I felt happy.

I thought this sacrifice would weigh more before God. The blood was like a guarantee that I’d ride my brand-new bicycle. My father fulfilled my dream and bought me an orange Pegasus bike from Fălticeni.

Since then, I’ve started to picture all my dreams. I used to imagine myself having the wildest wishes. I’ve dreamed of having a sled, a miniature ninja, a toy rocket, a sword, a Kimono for karate, a lot of cars, as many as possible!

I dreamed my father would sign me up to play football at the stadium. I’ve dreamed myself driving a Renault, a Mercedes E Klasse diesel from ‘97.

When I was in my high school years, I envisioned myself building a house and selling it. I wanted to make money. To have a BMW. To go to America with Work and Travel. To climb Kilimanjaro.

To have even more money. To become a millionaire. To have a hotel. To make a movie. To make shelters for dogs. To dig fountains in Africa. To help poor people and abandoned animals.

In the beginning, I used to write to Santa Claus or I used to pray to God so my dreams would come true. I also used to beg my parents so they would “honor” my wishes.

Eventually, I began to write to myself. I had a lot of dream notebooks. I always felt connected to this phenomenon. Dreaming was my anchor, my safety net, my hope for the future.

I used to be a daydreamer as a child. I remember I used to visualize my deepest fantasies. The process of dreaming, this amazing tool, always kept me engaged, taught me to focus, motivated and inspired me, pushed me on my path. I designed my destiny while dreaming. I even colored it.

That’s why I truly believe in the amazing power of dreams and their miraculous ability to change our lives.

I’ve created a dream journal and spent years of my life motivating and inspiring others to dream big. For now, my biggest dream is to fully enjoy the dreams I’ve already fulfilled.

In addition to this primary aspiration, paradoxical as it might seem, I want to inspire as many people as possible to dream big or teach them to dream, to discover their vocation, their mission and destiny, in a world that does not encourage us to live the life of our dreams.

Act, dream, and unleash your enormous potential! Set your dream free and don’t give it up for anything in the world!