A very simple explanation, received at a barbecue, brought me a profit of 3 million euros. What seemed to me a very complex problem, for the man who controlled it with precision, was derisory. When you are very involved you cannot see the solution, but a detached, experienced and informed mind sees much more clearly. I’ll explain: The lessons cost me a lot. I did not learn from the mistakes of others, but preferred to suffer (perhaps unconsciously), to struggle, to lose, to grind my teeth. I have experienced it firsthand, I got burned, I learned the hard way for hundreds of times.

This does not mean that you have to go through the same labyrinth of purgatory. Why should you experience the same pain and nerves that I (and many others) have mired in?

Failure was a teacher who taught me that when you’re at your lowest point, you’re actually flying. The moment of grace is that magical moment when you rise from below and lift your eyes from the ground toward the sun.

Indeed, with every aha added to my awareness collection, I felt stronger. Now I look into the past with compassion, and wonder: was it really worth the wear out of the lessons? I’ve met billionaires, I’ve visited the most famous places in the world, I’ve created a business valued at 100 million euros, I’ve inspired millions of people, but I’m intrigued by a thought: that you could repeat my mistakes instead of achieving success without pain, grudge and damage.

I am sure that you will repeat much of my ordeal, of my errors and my confusion, though I do not wish this to happen. From the experience I have gained through (countless) repetitions, but also from failures (in this case I am glad that the number has an end point), I have acquired the ability to scan you in ten minutes, and if you are ready, I could:

• spare you from losing money (I lost millions);
• help you gain time (I will not be able to relive or recover the lost years);
• warn you, not let you spin in the chaos (for years I struggled blindfolded);
• explain you what to do, so that you do not go back to where you started (I have often become entangled in my own snares).

I was a lone wolf for years. I thought I knew it all, until I finally realized that a small piece of information, but understood and applied at the right time, could fundamentally change the logic and size of my business.

One day I met a simple man. Like I said, I was at a barbecue. The man was passionately explaining his perspective to me, and I, in my arrogance, felt annoyed by his presence and pushiness. What big of a deal does this guy think he knows? To be clear, the man was explaining a simple statistic to me.

Well, by putting into practice his brief equation we generated an additional value of 3 million euros in the coming years. I don’t think you can begin to comprehend how important those key minutes were, in which I focused my attention on one thing!

I quickly understood the value of mentors; therefore, I was diligent to know them and to bring them closer to me, even for a fee. I felt the need (I still do) to have valuable people around, as if they were sacred books, wisdom-bearing talismans.

Years have passed and I met mentors, coaches, experts to whom I paid good money. We have invested in consultants, teachers and trainers like no other. I still don’t know a person who has funded his personal development at the level I did. I’ve participated in thousands of individual lessons and spent over 45,000 hours for my business (I have notes that can confirm every hour) until I got among the best.

Remember: If you want to go fast, go alone! If you want to go far, go with the right people by your side!

One day, a billionaire taught me a fundamental lesson: An insignificant detail can make the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire, not a broad, disproportionate knowledge. He said, Ștefan, remember: „A simple nuance in attitude can propel you much faster to the top. A crumb of inspiration from an expert can restore you hundreds of sleepless nights.”

A correctly assimilated, understood and applied sentence could have shortened the torment and turmoil of the years I went through blindly. There is an epidemic on the market of self-styled masters, who are nothing but storytellers.

I have a key question: How should a competent mentor guide you, who, from my perspective, should rely on their own results and performance? I believe a good mentor

• teaches you that investing in yourself is crucial. No one can confiscate your information. He explains the real steps of this investment and shows you a case study in which he himself is an example;
• propels your business and can take you to the next level. He shows you how he did it; he does not dictate to you from books;
• frees you consciously, not by fumbling. It clarifies how you achieve your independence and describes his own method that made him live a free life.
• facilitates access to essential, fundamental (sometimes inaccessible) information; methods, secrets, details and nuances are explained to you;
• his personal example will inspire you to the point that you would feel like you have read 100 books. He won’t preach fairytales, but will rely on his own experience and expertise.

How much does a year of peace cost? How much does a day of peace cost? How much does a moment of peace cost? How much does a shortcut cost by which you learn how to build a solid team? How much does a tip cost that can franchise your business five years earlier? How much does a lantern cost that makes you stop dazzling like a sleepwalker through the darkness of business?

Was it worth paying 100,000 euros for a secret that brought me 150,000? The answer is obvious. You can even earn 1000 euros over that hundred thousand and it’s not bad either! You are on the plus side, the business is growing. At the beginning, I found it totally absurd to pay for education. For many years I hated specialists, I mocked them and refused to waste my money on information, I avoided paying for education (with my hard-earned money, I said) until I realized that I was losing millions of euros and many years of my life.

Here’s why I made a trilogy of „But it matters”:
Information costs, but it matters.
Motivation is expensive, but it matters.
Education is expensive, but it matters.

But if your mind perceives them as mere costs, you will never be able to access revelatory information, key ideas, or brilliant strategies. Information, motivation, education, inspiration are not expenses, but investments.

That is, if you understand their role and purely investment purpose. Investing in yourself is the most valuable. You will be the mirror of your business. How strong you are, so will your business be; which is part of you, in the end. How much you educate yourself is reflected in the level of your business. Your business is your mirror, you are the mirror of your business.

One of my dreams is for Romania to become an El Dorado of entrepreneurs, to be a capitalist state in which business people are respected, united and feel free. That’s why, all my life, I’ve given free advice and massive advice without getting a dime. I have inspired a lot of people, but at the same time I have found that they do not value what is free or very cheap. They just don’t experience growth. Instead, they respect the things in which they have invested time and money. Basically, as long as you don’t feel like you’re making a substantial effort to evolve, you don’t value either your mentor or your work.

This is why I want to train entrepreneurs. I love prosperity and loathe wasting my time. That is why, after years, I decided to not help just about anyone anymore, but only those who take their work seriously, who are willing to invest in education and evolution.

Here’s how my trilogy changes organically:
Information matters and costs.
Motivation matters and costs.
Education matters and costs.

I want to inspire, educate and motivate by personal example, in my own style, with my methods, with my energy, with my passion, with my creativity and all the gained knowledge, repeated to infinity and acquired in more than 15 years.

For me, the success of those who ask for my mentoring is pure motivation, it makes sense to me. I have enough money to live on a tropical island with a private plane, but that doesn’t make sense to me. I do not feel the passion of this comfortable situation. The dust in the arena raises my adrenaline. That’s why everything I do in business, I do it out of passion and with the obvious intention of creating prosperity in my life. In my case, time is very precious; as such, I decided to draw up an atypical, perhaps strange, form that would pre-select my passionate members (we won’t call them “clients”) to work with.

Don’t waste your time writing to me if you don’t think you’re motivated to pass the pre-selection and willing to invest massively for you leap to the next level. Time is the only exhaustible resource. You will never be able to make up for the wasted moments.

I am not a trainer, I am not a coach, I am not a master. I just want to do something totally novel, new and original. Consulting does not mean ZOOM, a whatsup group, or a few emails sent automatically, but is chemistry, inspiration, evolution and personal legend.

Throughout my history I have worked (and still work) with many mentors, but I have not been able to deeply connect with any of them until I met them face-to-face. The synchronicity of energies gives birth to a new energy: That of a long-term friendship. That’s why I want to know you. I am convinced that nothing is coincidental.

Therefore, if you qualify, you can observe my behavior, how I live, how I act, you can get to know my business or methods. With one condition: To really matter to you. Absolutely all consultancy (methods, strategies) must be personalized and adapted to the character, personality and depth of your being.

The price of a meeting is 2000 euros. Minimum number of meetings: 10.

There definitely has to be compatibility between us: I have to convince myself that I can learn, in turn, through you and from you. Because any teacher is essentially a student. The combination of financial information, psychology, and our personal histories, can help both of us equally.

Of all my life experience I have found a much easier (in relation to the toil to which I have nabbed myself, I repeat myself like cra-zy!), faster, and safer way to financial prosperity. You can have access to it. You have the opportunity to discover the secrets that have propelled me to financial success. Dream, believe, act!

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