Canteen for the poor

In 2021, I decided to transform one of my restaurants, for just one day, into a Canteen for the poor, where people in need could eat for free. Since then, every Saturday, between 09:30 and 10:30 AM, the Spartan restaurant from the Suceava city center, became a place where you can eat for free.

Initially I called it Canteen for the poor, but several virtual friends suggested I rename it Compassion Canteen. You don’t need to justify having financial problems; just come to the restaurant.

It would help me a lot if you could let people know about it. People with shortcomings do not have access to the Internet. Poor people don’t have social media, and if they knew they could eat a meal for free every Saturday, it could be life-changing for them.

I was very excited to find that a restaurant in Cluj appreciated our initiative and did the same with their restaurant. As far as I know, several such canteens exist now, thanks to our example. I never cease to believe that one of the most powerful forces in the whole universe is the power of personal example.

When I realize that other entrepreneurs or ordinary people are inspired by my actions, I become much more motivated to continue my mission.