About me

I was born in 1986 in Calarasi, where I lived for a short time with my family. Until I was 8 years old, I grew up in Sfântu Ilie village, in Suceava city, and then I lived in a flat in the Obcini district, on Dornelor Street.

I consider myself Suceava’s hometown boy, and I feel a deep connection with this place, where I spent my childhood and adolescent years. I attended primary school at “Ion Creangă” School No. 9. I wasn’t a hardworking student; I always needed a little push from behind. I always felt my father’s constant pressure. During the first 8 grades, I was the first one in my class.

I graduated with honors from the National College “Petru Rareș” Suceava, where I majored in social sciences. Then I enrolled at the Law Faculty of the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” State University from Iași. I used to live in Copou for 4 years, first at the Gaudeamus student residence, then at Codrescu Street no. 3.

I was an Olympian in History from elementary school to high school. I also represented the school at ping-pong and football tournaments. I also had my drawings selected in for international exhibitions. I studied enormously for the Capacity National Test and the Baccalaureate (hundreds of hours of tutoring).

In college, I had a lot to memorize, and I felt physically exhausted. My parents wanted me to become a lawyer. I was quite restless and rebellious and felt I had more potential. I got an A+ for my undergraduate thesis, entitled “Sovereignty.”. I’ve worked very hard for each grade.

During those years I also completed a Directing and Screenwriting course, and, because I was dying to make money, I began a vast process of financial self-education. That’s why, from high school to graduate school, during the university holidays, I tried my luck with 10 businesses, which I brilliantly bankrupted, but from which I’ve learned enormously.

I finished a master’s degree in Criminal Sciences (dissertation work, A+), then I graduated from the “National Institute for The Training and Improvement of Lawyers”, finally becoming a full lawyer within the Suceava Bar Association (my parent’s dream).

Since I had another dream, to become very rich, I quit practicing law after just two years. I felt like I was betraying myself. I felt like I was suffocating day by day, and I felt like I was missing out on something.

I had a contradictory feeling that haunted me: I was wasting my time being someone I’m not. I couldn’t live that way, so I made a vow: I will quit my job until I become a millionaire (at the time, I couldn’t believe I would give up the job for good).

In 2011, I opened a fast-food pastry shop, bankrupted. Shortly after, on August 8, 2012, I opened the first Spartan location in Suceava. I was 26 years old. I bought second-hand equipment (I had no money for a new one) and made a new vow: I will give up everything to achieve success in entrepreneurship!

I signed up for all kinds of courses and seminars: management, marketing, personal growth, financial education, etc. I wanted to get close to prosperous people, so I began to obsessively read, self-educate, and self-discover. I worked hard until I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

If one doesn’t lose sleep over a goal, he will reach his goal. Big dreams require sacrifices! Thus, in ten years, we’ve built the largest fast-food franchise in the history of Romania. From scratch!

In 2018, I opened a hotel, that I, and I built from the ground up. Hotel Mandachi became, in just four years after its opening, the best-rated four-star hotel in Romania, being the first hotel unit in Suceava County to win this prestigious award.

In 2016, I graduated from the Film School “New York Film Academy” in California, USA. I have directed two short films and two feature-length documentaries.

In 2018, I founded the “Jeni Mandachi” Humanitarian Association, a project I’m very attached to.
In 2019, I started the #metoo protest, the biggest statement against the Romanian Governments and all the Presidents who ruled Romania since 1989, all guilty of the lack of motorways in our country. “Romania wants motorways” unleashed a huge social effect.

The impact exceeded all my expectations.

In 2020, I organized a fundraising campaign and collected 1.5 million euros for the Covid victims and hospitals in Romania. For a civilian to raise such an amount of money, it was without precedent here in Romania. I’ve donated thousands of Spartan dishes, money, and services worth over 350,000 euros.

I’ve offered Hotel Mandachi, free of charge, without any “compensation” or consideration to the medical and military personnel involved in the fight against Covid19.

Throughout the 1 mile of motorway campaign, I purchased a Mobile Intensive Care Unit worth 700,000 euros, which helped hundreds of people during the pandemic.

In 2020, I received the title of Honorary Citizen of Suceava City, my most important distinction so far. At the time, I was the youngest person to receive this title in our city.

In 2021, I obtained a historical decision in court against the State: the first decision in favor of stray dogs.

That year, I also built a fountain in Africa (it all started from a high school dream of mine), a project through which I convinced several businessmen to get involved. In September 2022, we managed to build 160 fountains, a Romanian record in Africa.

Perhaps the thing I feel most proud of and attached to, which made me experience the most intense feelings, was the time I hosted 5000 Ukrainians and 1000 dogs and cats at Mandachi Hotel & Spa. I’ve experienced deep emotions and a unique meaning of life.

Helping has become a lifestyle for me. In February-April 2022, I turned Mandachi Hotel into one of the largest private wartime refugee camps. Together with 200 volunteers and my hotel team, we provided free transport to more than 20,000 refugees, hosted for free, for at least one night, more than 5,000 refugees (meal, accommodation, shower, transport), and 1,000 dogs and cats.

Another action I feel proud of: I’ve sterilized more than 4000 dogs for free and I’ve found adoptive families for more than 300 stray dogs.

I define myself through my philanthropic actions (I’ve made donations totaling millions of euros). Doing this gives me meaning and fills my heart and soul with light and peace. That’s why I do it.

I own 7 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 pigs. I live in my native village, Sfântu Ilie.

I love the mountains. I’ve climbed Kilimanjaro and Moldoveanu peaks. I love Bucovina. I love my friends. I admire intelligent people and try to surround myself with smart people. I am loyal to all my employees, and I try to be as honest as I can with everyone around me.