1 inch of good deeds

One of the most prolific campaigns I’ve made in my whole life is “1 INCH OF GOOD DEEDS”. During the Pandemic, I’ve made many decisions with my heart, even if it meant neglecting my company and my loved ones. When I get all fired up about a project, when passion strikes me, I am unstoppable!

I’m looking back at 2020. I’m kind of giddy to see how passionate and fearless I was. Being able to put my money, my energy, my hotel and restaurants at the disposal of the authorities and of those affected by Covid19 was like a miracle. It was a dark period for me, and nothing had more relevance, or gave me more meaning than helping others.

I only used my social media channels for fundraising, donations or social causes. My channels were like a press agency. During the day I used to coordinate donations, and during the night I wrote. I transformed my hotel into an accommodation unit for the quarantined people, free of charge. All my restaurants delivered for free.

I did not request or accept any consideration or other financial compensation from the authorities. I refused all help or funds to avoid any speculation.

I personally donated money, goods, and services worth over 350,000 euros. I raised 1.5 million euros and donated it to the most affected hospitals.

Here’s how I got my idea: many years ago, when I was very frustrated because I couldn’t make more money, I read on the Internet that a kid made $1 million selling pixels. His brilliant idea made me imagine, after 15 years, a more original one: I converted the first motorway mile I’ve personally built into square feet and sold it for 10 euros/square foot. Whoever bought more had a bigger yard. Since my motorway was 0.6 miles long, I had a lot to sell!

The idea generated waves of solidarity. All the money went to the Suceava Red Cross, and we bought medical equipment and consumables. We raised 1.5 million euros, more than that kid: http://www.milliondollarhomepage.com/.

Afterwords, we purchased a mobile Intensive Care Unit (700,000 euros) and equipped several hospital wards with oxygenators and other specific equipment (Suceava and Fălticeni Hospital).
We are currently building a Hospital in Gura Humorului, Bucovina, which would be a first in our county (www.1cmspital.ro).